DHS/DCS Lag Screw 12.7mm Thread for Orthopedic Surgery

By:Mr. Jack Wang

Medical Equipment Hip Lag Screws: A Revolutionary Solution for Hip Fractures/>
Hip fractures can be a major issue for elderly patients, often resulting in loss of independence and increased risk of mortality. While there are several options for surgical treatment, hip lag screws have emerged as a popular option due to their simplicity and effectiveness.
Synthes 280.05 DHS/DCS Lag Screw 12.7mm Thread / 105mm

A hip lag screw is a type of fixation used to stabilize a hip fracture. This specific medical equipment consists of a threaded screw inserted into the femoral head of the hip, passing through the bone and achieving stability by compressing the fracture surfaces together.

Synthes 280.05 DHS/DCS Lag Screw 12.7mm Thread / 105mm is one of the most commonly used hip lag screws in medical practice. Designed by the Swiss medical device company Synthes, the screw boasts a 12.7mm thread diameter and 105mm length. With its unique design, the screw is able to achieve stability and hold the fractured bone together while it heals.

The Synthes 280.05 DHS/DCS Lag Screw is ideal for use in dynamic hip screw (DHS) and dynamic compression screw (DCS) procedures. It is crafted from high-quality materials that are biocompatible with the human body, ensuring that it is safe and suitable for implantation.

Hip lag screws are a preferred treatment option for hip fractures due to the following reasons:

1. Simple and Safe Procedure

Hip lag screws are easy to apply and require minimal surgical time, making them a safe and quick surgical option. Additionally, this medical equipment has minimal complications and does not require lengthy rehabilitation.

2. Minimally Invasive

The insertion of hip lag screws is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, ensuring that tissue damage is kept to a minimum. This is particularly important for elderly patients, as their bodies may not tolerate more extensive forms of surgery as well.

3. Excellent Stability

Hip lag screws like the Synthes 280.05 DHS/DCS Lag Screw provide excellent stability for the hip joint while it heals. This helps to reduce the patient's pain and discomfort and allows them to be mobile again sooner.

4. Better Fracture Healing

Hip lag screws compress the fractured bone surfaces together, which causes bones to align and heal more effectively. This means that patients typically have better outcomes and are able to return to their normal activities faster.

In conclusion, when it comes to treating hip fractures, hip lag screws are the preferred option due to their simplicity, safety, minimal invasiveness, excellent stability, and better fracture healing. Medical equipment like the Synthes 280.05 DHS/DCS Lag Screw 12.7mm Thread / 105mm ensures that hip fractures are effectively managed and that patients are able to regain their independence faster.

Note: Please consult your healthcare professional regarding the specific medical equipment required for your individual needs. This blog post is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Q&A with Expert in Spinal Surgery and Reconstruction: Brenton Pennicooke, MD

Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA: Essential in Modern OrthopedicsOrthopedics is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In modern medicine, orthopedics has evolved to become a highly specialized field, enabling surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgeries using advanced techniques and tools.Orthopedic surgeries are generally complex procedures that require precision and accuracy to ensure optimal outcomes. To achieve this, surgeons need specialized instruments that are designed to suit specific surgical procedures.One such instrument set is the Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA. This sophisticated medical equipment has been widely adopted by orthopedic surgeons, as it offers several benefits that help to improve surgical outcomes.What is PFNA?PFNA, or Proximal Femoral Nail Antegrade, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is commonly used to treat fractures of the femur, a long bone in the thigh. The procedure is designed to reduce and fixate the femoral bone with a nail that is inserted through the greater trochanter of the femur.Why Use an Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA?Orthopedic surgery is a specialized field that demands precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. Using the right instruments can make all the difference in ensuring optimal outcomes for surgical procedures, particularly for minimally invasive surgeries.The Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA is specifically designed to help surgeons perform this procedure with accuracy and precision. The instruments in this set are made of high-quality materials that are durable, reliable, and can withstand the rigors of surgical procedures.The set includes specialized tools such as reamers, guide wires, grafting instruments, and bone reduction clamps. These instruments are designed to help the surgeon perform precise and accurate procedures, reducing the risk of complications.Advantages of Using an Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA1. Improved Surgical OutcomesThe Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgeries with higher accuracy and precision. This, in turn, translates to an improved surgical outcome for the patient, with a shorter recovery time and reduced potential for complications.2. Efficient Surgery TimeUsing a specialized instrument set like the Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA can help reduce surgery time. The precision and accuracy that these instruments offer can help the surgeon perform the procedure faster, with fewer complications.3. Ease of UseEvery instrument in the Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA is designed to be easy to use. This ensures that surgeons can perform the procedure accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and complications.4. EconomicalThe Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA offers an economical option for performing complex surgical procedures. This set contains all the necessary tools required for the PFNA procedure, making it a cost-effective option for hospitals and surgical centers.ConclusionThe Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA is essential in modern orthopedics, particularly for minimally invasive surgical procedures. With its advanced instruments, this set can help improve surgical outcomes while reducing potential complications. The set's precision, accuracy, and ease of use make it the ideal choice for orthopedic surgeons looking to perform complex orthopedic procedures with optimal outcomes. With the growing need for specialized surgical instruments in orthopedics, the Orthopedic Surgery Instrument Set for PFNA is set to become a vital tool in the modern orthopedic surgeon's armamentarium.

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High-Quality Natural Bone-Shaped Meat Treats for Healthy Pets - Order Now for Delivery or Collection

Possible blog:Looking for a tasty and nutritious treat for your furry friend? Check out T-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats, which are made from high-quality meat and shaped like bones to appeal to dogs' natural chewing instincts. These treats not only provide a satisfying snack for your pet, but also offer various health benefits that can improve their overall well-being. In this blog, we will explore the features and advantages of T-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats and why they are a great choice for naturally healthy dogs.The Importance of Natural IngredientsAt T-Shaped Bone Plate Device, we believe that the best pet products are those that are made from natural ingredients without any harmful additives or preservatives. Our Bone Shaped Meat Treats are no exception, as they are made from 100% meat that has been carefully selected from trusted sources. We use only human-grade meats that are free from antibiotics, hormones, and artificial flavors or colors, ensuring that your dog gets the purest and most nutritious treats possible. By choosing natural treats like T-Shaped Bone Plate Device, you can avoid the potential health risks associated with artificial ingredients and support your dog's natural diet.The Benefits of ChewingDogs are natural chewers and need to exercise their jaws and teeth regularly in order to maintain their dental health. Chewing also provides mental stimulation and can help reduce anxiety or boredom in dogs, which can lead to destructive behavior or excessive barking. T-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats are designed to satisfy your dog's chewing needs, and the bone shape provides a fun and engaging experience. Our treats are not too hard or too soft, so your dog can easily break them down while enjoying the flavor and texture. Regular chewing with T-Shaped Bone Plate Device can help clean teeth, reduce tartar buildup, and prevent gum disease, promoting a healthy mouth and fresh breath.The Nutritional Value of MeatMeat is a rich source of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial to a dog's growth and development. Protein is an important building block for muscle and tissue repair, while fatty acids support healthy skin and coat, brain function, and immune system. Vitamins and minerals play a key role in various bodily functions, such as energy production, bone health, and blood clotting. T-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats are packed with all of these nutrients, providing a complete and balanced snack for your dog. Meat is also highly digestible and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal ingredient for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.The Convenience of Online ShoppingAt T-Shaped Bone Plate Device, we understand that pet owners are busy and need a convenient way to shop for their pet's essentials. That's why we offer online ordering for our Bone Shaped Meat Treats, which can be delivered right to your doorstep. We also provide options for postage or collection, so you can choose the most suitable method for you. Our treats are affordably priced at only 4.39, making them an affordable and high-value option for pet owners who want to give their dogs the best.ConclusionT-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats are an excellent choice for pet owners who want to provide their dogs with natural, nutritious, and tasty snacks. Our Bone Shaped Meat Treats are made from 100% meat, shaped like bones, and offer various health benefits that can improve your dog's oral, mental, and physical health. With our online ordering system and affordable pricing, you can easily stock up on T-Shaped Bone Plate Device treats and give your dog a treat that they will love. Try them out today and see the difference that natural ingredients can make!

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